You know modern life must be getting tough when your dog is prescribed Diazepam for his nerves.

A vet in Lancashire has turned to using anti-anxiety drugs in combination with behavioural therapy for Benji, to help the dog cope with this year’s fireworks season ( His owner says Benji’s stress level shoot through the roof higher than your average rocket when he hears fireworks going off.

The vet in question acknowledges this is a growing problem for pet owners and even Benji’s local MP has been moved to call for a ban on fireworks.

There is no doubt that the firework season is no longer confined to November 5 itself or a few days either side. It seems we now have to endure several weeks of fireworks going off and very few are likely to have anything to do with Bonfire Night. Tougher new laws on the sale and control of fireworks is probably long overdue. 

But hasn’t this always been an issue for pet owners and haven’t they always managed to cope in the past without pushing pills on their pooches and other pets?

In generations to come, when they ask for the stories that characterised life in 21st century Britain, this one needs to be on the list.  

Something tells me this could become the first of an irregular series of stories about modern life. Watch this space… 


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