A new study by Investors in People suggests staff often feel isolated by the business babble and jargon that has become such a fixture of many offices.

No surprises there. The examples of nonsensical drivel highlighted in the report (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6118828.stm) are enough to rile even the most placid of workers.

Communication is the key to success whatever your profession and yet so many fail so miserably.

Keeping it simple is often the only solution, as these examples of jargon and their translations prove:

Blue-sky thinking: Idealistic or visionary ideas – not always with practical application

Get our ducks in a row: Have arrangements efficiently ordered

Brain dump: To tell everything you know about a particular topic

Think outside the box: Don’t limit your thinking to within your job description; be creative

Joined-up thinking: Taking into account how things affect each other – not looking at something in isolation

Drilling down: Getting more detail about a particular issue

Push the envelope: Improve performance by going beyond commonly accepted boundaries

The helicopter view: An overview

Low-hanging fruit: The easiest targets


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