Strictly speaking, this should probably be filed under Tales of Modern Life…cont…

But I figured it is so laughable it deserves to stand on its own merits.

The Welsh-based food company Black Mountains Smokery has fallen foul of labelling regulations and must now make it clear to potential customers that the “dragon sausages” it produces do not contain real dragon meat.

According to The Western Mail (, the company has been warned it could face legal action for misleading people that it uses dragon meat in its pork and chilli sausages.

A warning letter was issued to the firm by Powys County Council’s Trading Standards Department, which stated that a full analysis of the sausages had categorically proved no evidence of dragon and this put the firm in breach of the 1996 Food Labelling Act.

Without doubt, the firm does need to state that the sausages contain pork or beef or any other meat. But does it really need to state that it doesn’t contain dragon?

If you feel like sampling the dragon sausages (meat from mythical creature not included) then have a look at


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