You need a new name. Something snappy that trips off the tongue and is instantly memorable.

It needs to be something that local people can relate to and which will be identifiable for people coming from abroad.

So how about “East Midlands Airport – Nottingham, Leicester, Derby”?

Just three years after going through a protracted and controversial name change, eventually opting for the uninspiring Nottingham East Midlands Airport, mangers at the site have announced another change with immediate effect (

The airport’s managing director Penny Coates said the decision had been welcomed by business leaders and added: “We believe this change is the right commercial decision now, given our clear growth strategy.

“In making any change, our objective is to provide a strong platform both for the long term development reflected in the master plan and for the future needs of the travel trade.”

But if the previous choice was uninspiring, then the new name is plain daft.

The previous consultation three years ago threw up several possibilities – “Nottingham International Airport” won fans, as did “Robin Hood International Airport”. But there were also many who couldn’t understand the need to change it from “East Midlands Airport”.

The fact that “East Midlands Airport” once again makes it into the new title, albeit with the rather unwieldy and unnecessary addition of “Nottingham, Leicester, Derby”, begs the question why change it in the first place?

The simple truth is that many passengers who have used the airport – and will continue to use it in the future – have carried on referring to it as “East Midlands”.

Sometimes companies and organisations get too hung about brand identity and creating what they perceive to be a modern new image. Invariably they only end up confusing and annoying the very people they are trying to attract.

Done well, changing a name or company logo can achieve results and create that positive new image.

Done badly, it suggests you don’t really know what you are doing.  


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