If you were wondering whether to switch to a more ethical bank account, would you consider an Islamic one?

It is an intriguing proposition raised in an article on the BBC’s news site (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6168800.stm).

According to the piece, more non-Muslims are choosing to invest their money in accounts that adhere to the principles of Islam as they seek a more ethical approach to finance.

It seems a sensible alternative, although there are home-grown institutions – such as The Co-Operative Bank – which offer ethical banking and investments.

One thing that does strike me as a little perplexing, however, is that the article points out that Islamic accounts are now being offered by a growing number of high street banks.

But aren’t these the same banks that people are looking to switch from in their pursuit of a more ethical approach? 

Finding an ethical provider and supplier can be a time-consuming process. But there is help out there:

All of these provide a useful starting point. Happy reading.


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