It is “best of…” time again.

From the best selling singles of the year to the best of the worst TV shows, or whatever contrived clip-based fare we’ll be served up this Christmas, picking out the top performers is a traditional holiday “treat”.

The Guardian has jumped on the bandwagon by updating a list of the 100 most useful internet sites. The paper is also keen to hear other suggestions (

Originally compiled in 2004, the list has been altered to reflect the significant changes that have taken place in the last two years – from more web savvy punters surfing their way around the world, to the rise of the likes of MySpace, YouTube and other people portals.

There’s a fair sprinkling of the usual and predictable suspects, as well as a few less familiar sites.

The blessed deservedly makes it on the list, which is rather a bit too Google-tastic for my own liking.

As for my own current favourite, I’d have to go for Hours of creative and essential distraction.


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