There has been a fair bit of coverage for the UK’s new-look music charts.

The traditional Top 40 countdown now includes downloads, reflecting the changing way in which we buy our music these days (

There were some who predicted it would give a fairer indication of our national music tastes, with some suggesting that the manufactured pop of recent years in particular would be shown to be the music of a choice for a relatively small minority. The inference being that we have far more sophisticated tastes in music than Pop Idol, Fame Academy and the X-Factor suggests.

However, with the notable exception of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars – originally released as a traditional single in the summer – the top 10 has a pretty familiar look about it.

With reality show winner Leona Lewis still at the top of the chart with the saccharine-heavy A Moment Like This, this new “accurate” barometer of our musical tastes suggests it is a case of “same old, same old” (

Manufactured pop by here today gone tomorrow “stars” is exactly what we want.

Now that’s what I call sophistication.


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