I see the BBC is at it again.

It was doing it during the media frenzy that accompanied the recent murder investigation in Suffolk. Now it is doing the same thing on the apparent intrusion into the life of Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William.

The BBC is reporting on the growing concern about the harassment of Miss Middleton by certain sections of the media, in particular the dreaded paparazzi (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6245061.stm).

There are dire warnings from former Royal press aides about the impact such attention could have on such a young woman – and parallels are inevitably being drawn with the treatment of Princess Diana, the late mother of Prince William, at the hands of the baying pack.

Yet elsewhere on the BBC’s website, the corporation gives us a potted pictorial history of Miss Middleton and her life with the young, eligible Royal to date (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/4710102.stm).

These include long-lens shots of the couple getting into a car on a street and Miss Middleton seemingly out shopping with her mother.

There is even a picture of her walking out of Waitrose wearing a tracksuit with the useful caption: “Concerns over press intrusion prompted her lawyers to warn editors not to infringe on her privacy”.

The BBC is often guilty of adopting a holier than thou attitude over such stories and this is a prime example.

It is reporting on media intrusion and effectively trying to distance itself from the culprits, while at the same time helping to fuel the interest by using the type of shots that are being criticised (which the likes of The Sun, the News of the World and other tabloids have stated they won’t be publishing).

Isn’t this rather hypocritical?


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