Here’s a blueprint for surviving the 21st century.

Don’t go out, stay indoors and order all your clothes by mail order.

Give up cigarettes and alcohol.

Never eat out.

Don’t have kids. If you do, state schools are good enough for them, don’t even consider private education.

Economist Roger Bootle has come up with the checklist as a way of calculating your personal finances. 

Now the Office of National Statistics has launched an online calculator to help us work out our own personal inflation rate (

The ONS is aiming to give us all a better insight into the goods and services pushing inflation higher – which currently stands at 2.7% – and explain why people’s experience of rising prices is often different from the official version (

Although the ONS personal calculator will not let users punch in precise details of their own spending, it will give an accurate indication of their own inflation rate compared to the national average by assessing typical spending on a wide range of goods and services.

As campaigners have long argued that personal inflation rates of some of the most vulnerable sectors of society is considerably higher than official rates, the ONS device could be a way for the elderly, those on low incomes and the unemployed to manage their finances and target their spending more effectively.



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