The UK’s broadcasting watchdog is reportedly investigating claims of racism made against the latest incarnation of Channel 4’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Ofcom is responding to thousands of complaints from viewers that Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has been subjected to racist comments by other contestants on the show (

I have not watched this series and have no intention of doing so. The Big Brother franchise and indeed the whole reality television genre has increasingly become superficial entertainment for the lazy, shallow and ignorant, made by the lazy, shallow and ignorant, for the lazy, shallow and ignorant.

It has simply become a parody of itself – how else can you explain why a former Big Brother contestant with no discernible talent other than an uncanny ability to irritate and annoy without even opening her over-sized mouth can be elevated to the status of “star” and so take her place in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

The accusations of racism, if upheld, could finally exert sufficient pressure to burst the whole reality TV bubble.

Or it could simply provide the makers of such programmes with a whole new repulsive “theme” to base a series around.

Let’s find the country’s most ignorant, self-satisfied and morally bankrupt pillock by shutting them away with other like-minded idiots. The winner is the one who takes up such an outrageous stance that the others walk out in protest.

The Big Bigots House anyone?


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