The football super agent Pini Zahavi reportedly negotiated a personal deal of £3m from Middlesbrough when the club paid £7.5m to Portsmouth to purchase his client Yakubu Aiyegbeni.

The revelations comes in an interesting article in The Guardian by David Conn, a writer specialising in the impact of the money men on the beautiful game.

The article goes into detail about how the payment to Zahavi breaks down and states it is the largest known single payment made to an agent (

The payment also highlights how much power such non-affiliated individuals can have over clubs. It should also end any doubts about how players are now viewed first and foremost as commodities to be traded as frequently as necessary to recoup the highest possible profit.

Such revelations also heighten expectations of the further conclusions and recommendations of the Quest inquiry, headed by Lord Stevens, into alleged financial irregularities involving transfers to and from English clubs.

Having already made some interim suggestions and observations on the financial state of the game in England, the second phase of the inquiry promises to put some meaty flesh on the bones and the role of agents is said to be central to the investigation.

The spending sprees of the wives and girlfriends of certain leading players may excite the celeb-obsessed section of the media.

Whilst the WAGs offer titillation, others linked to the national sport are having a far from trivial impact on the game and the players.  


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