Seven devices have been received by a variety of motoring-related organisations in the last three weeks suggesting we may have a new group of militant motorists – or, at the very least, one seriously disgruntled driver – on our hands.

The latest device was sent to the DVLA in Swansea and follows similar attacks on companies linked to the London congestion charge and road safety cameras (

In the attacks so far six people have suffered injuries (thankfully, none of them life-threatening or serious) and now police from three different forces are working together to identify the bombers.

They’ll have no shortage of suspects. Let’s face it, when it comes to our cars, bikes and other vehicles we’re all a bit militant.

The often irrational and knee-jerk reaction so many experience in relation to their precious four-wheel or two-wheel charger is evident in everything from road and parking rage to fuel protests. Perhaps the biggest and misguided whinging comes from those who get caught by safety cameras.

The often familiar complaint that fines imposed for breaking speed limits or other misdemeanours are nothing but “yet another tax on the poor motorist” is simply ridiculous.

We have a major problem with road safety in this country – whatever we might claim, we’re a nation of bad drivers.

From the people carrier with “Baby on Board” stickers speeding through 30mph zones, to high mileage business people in expensive cars seemingly not fitted with indicators who feel they own the road, our understanding of the basic motoring rules seems to be getting worse. Not to mention the fact that our on-road manners leave a lot to be desired.

Yet, as motorists, we’re never in the wrong.

It is always someone else’s fault.

It is always the case that it is acceptable for you to drive at 45mph in a 30mph because you’re a good driver and are always in complete control. Imposing a fine is simply wrong, fails to take into account your superior driving ability and at the end of the day is just another way for the police and Government to make money out of the poor public.

What complete and utter tosh.

Motorists tend to be amongst the worst moaners in a society where whinging, not taking responsibility for your own actions and blaming anyone but yourself is rife. What makes their hollow complaints even worse is that more and often than not they have little or no basis in fact.

For the record, I am a motorist and I drive my car almost every day. I also believe I am the best driver on the road, even though I know I’m guilty of poor decisions at times.

Indeed, some of my closest friends are bad drivers.

If we do now have some militant motorists prepared to maim or even kill to further whatever dubious cause and grievance they believe they have, then in many respects it is just a natural progression. The more paranoid people become, the more persecuted they feel they are, the more zealous they become in arguing and justifying their case, the more likely they are to resort to extreme measures.

Blowing up speed cameras was the next stage, now it appears attempting to blow up innocent people is the next.


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