This great country has been accused of failing an entire generation.

The UK has come bottom of a league table compiled by Unicef charting child well-being across 21 industrialised nations (

The study represents a fairly damning indictment of modern British society and claims that under-investment in core areas and a “dog eat dog” attitude in society are primarily to blame.

The government has responded to the United Nations children’s organisation by pointing out the study fails to take into account more recent policies that have significantly helped to improve child welfare.

Such a defence cuts little ice.

It is a sobering and depressing fact that the study does paint a fairly accurate picture of modern British society and those working with young people confirm the state we’re currently in.

In a society that is characterised by ignorance, arrogance, selfishness and intolerance, where displaying any sort of common courtesy is regarded as a weakness, reality TV “stars” are lauded and rampant consumerism is seen as a virtue, is it any wonder that we are failing the younger generation?

Greed may have been good in the 1980s and sleaze may have dominated much of the 90s. But in the 21st century ignorance and intolerance is bliss.


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