On this day of love, passion and all things romance-fuelled, a new survey has concluded that Liverpool and Birmingham are the two rudest cities in the UK.

According to the survey, Liverpudlians and Brummies are the least likely to give up their bus seat for a pregnant woman or elderly person and those in Glasgow and Sheffield are more inclined to do the decent thing.

It is a headline grabbing conclusion to the study commissioned by supermarket Somerfield and as a commuter into Birmingham for the last five years I can recognise the lack of courtesy highlighted in the conclusions. As a recent visitor to Liverpool, I can also safely say I was glad to leave after a far from enjoyable 48 hours in the city of witty and friendly (sic) Scousers.

But then the character flaws identified in Liverpudlians and Brummies are hardly unique. British society as a whole has not exactly been sharing the love around for a while now.

The other big report on the state of our nation out today – highlighted in today’s other post – paints a universally damning picture of a society that is failing the next generation.

Pointing the finger grabs the headlines, but then it also deflects from the bigger problem facing every village, town and city in the country.


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