The top ten of best-selling grocery brands in the UK holds little in the way of surprises.

The major players are all evident – Coca-Cola remains top of the tree, with the likes of Walkers, Hovis, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Nescafe and Andrex also prominent.

The survey by AC Nielsen shows how Coca-Cola group’s sales grew by 5% in 2006, its Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero brands generating sales of £942.3m (

So despite numerous campaigns advising us to check the ingredients of the products we buy, the coverage over rising obesity levels and the supposed move to organic and ethical brands, it appears our old shopping habits are hard to break.

What is interesting about the survey for Checkoutmagazine, however, is the fact that the two fastest growing grocery brands in the UK are the Innocent smoothie and juice line (with sales up sales grew by 140% to £96.2m) and health product Danone Bio Activa (a 77.2% rise in sales).

Does this signal a subtle shift in our buying habits and our awareness?

Quite possibly, but we’ll probably only get a clearer picture in another 12 months. Even then, it is doubtful whether the likes of Coca-Cola will be toppled from the top ten.

But, from tiny acorns…


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  1. kenwahfu says:

    According to your statistic given above, it shows that people are more health conscious. Sales grew by 140% to 96.2m pounds on the smoothie and lime juice and rise of 72% in sales of another health products clearly shows that people are shifting to health products.
    Hope the figures will be maintained.


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