There are tens of thousands of people in the UK who care for close relative, partner or friend on a 24 hour a day, seven day a week basis.

For years campaigns have been waged to try and improve the allowances paid to these carers and offer greater access to other much-needed support like respite care.

The Government finally got around to increasing the care allowance last October, but now an estimated 40,000 carers have fallen foul of a piece of jumbled officialdom.

This is not just a case of giving with one hand and taking away with another. It is giving with one hand, taking it back with the other, then using both hands to spin the unsuspecting victim around a bit until they have no idea what is up and what is down, let alone seek a way out of this labyrinth the Government has managed to construct.

What should be a straight-forward exercise in providing financial assistance to those who need it has inevitably become suffocated in red tape.

The Government’s attempt to right this wrong – a £30 million package – has been welcomed by groups such as Carers UK.

But it must not be forgotten that this is merely a first step in providing the level of support and assistance carers require.

There is an awful lot more work that needs to be done and how quickly that is achieved will show just how much of a caring society we currently live in.

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  1. There’s about 6 million Carers and of those around half a million get the full rate of Carers Allowance £48.65, the rest get little or nothing and Carers save the country over £60 billion a year, if 10% of Carers were to say “I’m not doing this anymore” the NHS and social services would go into meltdown.

    The New Deal for Carers was a PR exercise (the extra money isn’t ring-fenced so can be used for anything)

    Imelda Redmond CEO of Carers UK gets around £60.000 a year and a nice pension, for that she ignores Carers requests to challenge for a higher rate of Carers Allowance, might be because Carers UK receive the biggest amount of income FROM the government (upset the government and a possible loss of ‘donations’) The average wage for the other employees at Carers UK works out around £29.000 a year.

    Until someone in the media has the guts to stand up and say “this ain’t right” then Carers will continue to be exploited by whichever government is in power.

    A million people a year become a Carer, this could after YOU-
    social isolation,
    poor health,
    no breaks,
    no respite (it’s very difficult to obtain)
    no holidays,
    very little heating during winter months,

    it ends (normally) when either YOU die or whoever you are caring for dies, that’s the ‘reward’ YOU will get for becoming a Carer, it takes an accident or illness to a spouse/relative/close friend to put YOU in THIS position OR an accident or illness to YOU to put a spouse/relative/close friend into the position of caring for YOU.

    Being a Carer ain’t nice and there is no choice, try looking at our site or message board

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