Tougher penalties have been introduced for drivers who use hand-held mobile phones and almost inevitably some have been bleating about “yet another tax” on the poor motorists.

I’m not too surprised, as I’ve stated before motorists appear to be modern society’s biggest and most misguided whingers at the moment.

The maximum fixed penalty fine has doubled to £60, and three points can be added to offenders’ licences. Motorists will also be prosecuted for using a hands-free phone if they are not in control of their vehicle.

The decision to impose tighter restrictions comes amid suggestions that those using hand sets while driving can be just as impaired as those over the drink-drive limit.

Yet we still have the likes of Nigel Humphries, from the Association of British Drivers, who argues that those who could use a phone in a responsible way should be free to do so. “There are quite a lot of people out there who are perfectly capable of holding a conversation on a mobile phone while the driving comes first.”

There are also those who maintain that the police arewasting their time in trying to catch culprits “when they should be trying to catch all the murderers, burglars and rapists”.

There are 13 very good reasons why this ban is necessary and arguably isn’t tough enough – that is the number of deaths blamed on drivers using hand-held mobiles since 2005 alone, along with an estimated 400 injuries.

Anyone still stupid enough to believe this ban in unduly harsh, or worse another tax on motorists, only has to do some fairly basic internet searches to discover what can happen when someone uses a hand-held mobile whilst driving.

On the same day as the increased phone penalties are introduced, the Government also announced proposals to introduce random breath tests in an attempt to combat drink-driving.

Do those same people criticising the ban on using mobile phones believe this is another example of police wasting their time or yet another unfair attack on the poor motorist?

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