The story of how hundreds of cars are apparently seizing up and stopping at the roadside has me intrigued.

Contaminated petrol has been blamed for the damage caused to the engine management systems of the cars in the South-East of the UK – leaving the owners with bills of hundreds of pounds to rectify the problem and a shortage of spare parts.

The petrol retailers and the suppliers both maintain that exhaustive tests have not shown any contamination of supplied fuel, yet mechanics are reporting serious engine malfunctions.

Sat on the train coming back from London and looking at how the story is being covered got me thinking.

At the risk of starting any completely unsubstantiated rumours or, worse, pandering to the creeping paranoia of the average motorist, it could be down to a secret Government-backed cull.

Politicians and civil servants have been scratching their heads for years about how to reduce the number of cars on our roads and persuade people to switch to public transport.

Maybe they’ve planted something in the petrol which disables the vehicles and dissolves as soon as it has done the necessary damage leaving no evidence? The lack of available spare parts has also been engineered to force people onto buses and trains instead of their cars.

It could happen. Possibly.

I wouldn’t put it past the Government, after all they’ve been targeting motorists for years with their stealth taxes (sic) – speed cameras, parking tickets, fines for using mobile phones blah, blah, blah…

Or, maybe the fact that no obvious cause has been found means that it is divine intervention?

It is God’s way of saying Jesus would have taken the bus or train and wouldn’t have bought himself a car.

Then again, it could be that I’ve just drunk too much coffee today and I need to go and have a nap?

There is a simple explanation and all the media coverage is doing is creating yet another laughable urban myth. Probably.


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