It is refreshing to see the National Consumer Council might seek a review of the digital television market as a result of the unseemly row between BSkyB and Virgin.

The NCC’s deputy chief executive, Philip Cullem, accused both broadcasters of “behaving like children” after they failed to resolve the long-running argument over TV rights.

As a result, Virgin customers saw some Sky programming disappear from the TV sets on Wednesday after they failed to agree a compromise over BSkyB’s attempt to impose higher fees.

It is fitting that the NCC should get involved. The big losers in this are the Virgin customers who have lost a large number of programmes.

If there is a review I believe it will be BSkyB that will be struggling hardest to justify its actions – after all, it could be argued that with a few honourable exceptions the quality of the Sky programmes doesn’t match the hike in fees.


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  1. Sky high arrogance

    Many people have blamed both sides in the dispute between BSkyB and Virgin Media, but over the last week or two it appears that Sky have launched a vendetta against their competitor.
    First, to fill in the background: the two companies couldn’t ag…

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