Now that we have the truth (sic) about the contaminated petrol incident in the South-East of the UK, everyone seems to be moving serenly on once again.

Well, apart from those with seized engines and those kangaroo-ing down the road because of the damage caused by the faulty fuel.

I’m still of the opinion there’s more to this story than meets the eye, that there’s something other than silicon contamination.

Actually, no I’m not.

It is a fairly straight-forward incident with a fairly straight-forward conclusion.

What the whole furore has shown us is how much we rely on petrol.

This only affected a few hundred out of how many million motorists in the UK? Yet it has been headline news for several days – much of the coverage has wilfully fed on the fear of “what if it happened to me, what would I do?”

It is enough to send a chill to the bones.

No petrol…no car!

No wonder some people think that these days Governments would even be prepared to go to war over something like oil.


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