The Government is expected to announce the next stage of its campaign to encourage more female entrepreneurs during International Women’s Day.

The aim of the campaign is to create a 1,00-strong “army of women activists” that will target women over 30, who are often recent mothers, and those over 50, after children leave home – women are half as likely to start companies as men are.

The army of women, existing female entrepreneurs, will visit industries, schools, universities and communities, to encourage others to start firms.

The campaign has been welcomed as a way of boosting female entrepreneurship, although recent research suggests they actually fare better than most when trying to secure funding for business ventures.

The study by Dr Jonathan Scott of Aston Business School, Birmingham, showed how female entrepreneurs find it easier than men to raise capital for new business ideas, new research has discovered. Graduates also have an easier time but ethnic minorities, particularly black entrepreneurs, find it harder to secure banks loans.

The results are part of research which canvassed 400 SMEs across the UK and Dr Scott worked with consultant David Irwin of Irwin Grayson Associates.

This campaign and research suggests women do know their place after all and they know how to get there.

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