The revelation that half of the UK’s estimated 29 million internet users believe that responsibility for their own net safety lies with someone else is hardly surprising.

Surely this inability to take responsibility for our own actions is symbolic of a wider trend in society?

Far too often we are more inclined to look elsewhere for someone or some other organisation to deal with issues that impact on us. We point the finger at others, rather than accepting it is something we are capable of taking care of ourselves.

There are many people who continually bemoan the lapse into a so-called “nanny state”. Little wonder when we are singularly incapable of taking responsibility for just about anything.

So why we should we be surprised that the survey reveals so many are stumbling blindly towards the day when they fall victim of identity fraud? No doubt when they do, they will immediately look to their bank, credit card company, police, Government, anyone in fact who they think should take the blame and accept the consequences – anyone, that is, apart from themselves.

At some recent point it became the norm to shift the blame, to refuse to take any responsibility, to want absolutely everything handed to us on a plate.

But in doing so we’ve simply played into the hands of those who want to control our lives – whether that is politicians, big business or criminals hell-bent on stealing our identities.

We are making life easy for such people and inevitably we’re looking for someone else to deal with the situation we have created rather than challenging them ourselves.


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