There are very few minor triumphs left to celebrate against the onslaught of the corporate world.

But hats off to Birmingham City Council. In a rare display of common sense, the authority has rejected an application from Tesco to serve alcohol at yet another new Tesco Express store the supermarket giant is opening in Bournville.

For the uninitiated, the historic the famous Bournville Village Estate was built in the 1890s by Quaker chocolate baron George Cadbury with no pubs or off-licences, and has remained “dry” ever since.

Tesco’s application to break a century-old tradition met with fierce local opposition. A 1,000-name petition was compiled and a scores of residents attended today’s council meeting.

Refusing the application, councillor Penny Wagg, chair of the Birmingham City Council licensing sub-committee, said: “The committee was concerned about issues relating to anti-social behaviour, underage drinking and litter which were raised by interested parties.”

Tesco expressed “disappointment” at the decision and is now considering its options. Let’s hope Birmingham City Council stands firm in its opposition and Tesco fails to find a convenient loophole that allows it to break a fine tradition.

I’ll be raising a glass to the Bournville Village Estate tonight.


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