The Governator is primed and raring to go…to Blackpool.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has accepted an invitation to be the special overseas guest speaker at the Conservative Party’s autumn conference.

The Governor of California is expected to focus on climate change when he travels to the traditional British seaside resort of kiss-me-quick hats, candy floss, donkeys on the beach and stomach churning roller-coasters.

It will be interesting to see whether the Republican Party’s charismatic former movie star will indulge in a love-in with the great white hope of the Tories.

The expression chalk and cheese springs to mind when you picture Arnie alongside the rather stiff and terribly nice David Cameron. Then again the same could have been said for Arnie and Tony Blair and yet the California Governor and British Prime Minister have been gushing to the point of nausea in their praise for one another, particularly in terms of their approach to climate change.

Arnie is attempting to put the “sex” into environmental issues. So what will he make of Dave’s intrepid expeditions to far-flung places to highlight the threat to our environment?

We will just have to wait with fevered anticipation until the autumn. But the first date is often quite awkward, so we shouldn’t hold out too much hope for fireworks when Arnie finally gets to meet Dave.

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