Content warnings on blogs? I’m not convinced.

An end to anonymous comments? Not convinced.

An “anything goes” logo for blogs that are open and uncensored? Still not convinced.

The problem with the proposed code of conduct for blogging is that it is unworkable.

Surely the greatest way to censor a blog is to stop visiting it if you are offended by the content? That would make a code of conduct largely redundant.

But perhaps one of the main reasons why a code wouldn’t work is summed up here.


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  1. Dirk Gently says:

    It does sound like a corporate “let’s all agree to ….”

    The point of blogs is freedom of expression, that comes in many forms. We all express ourselves in different ways. I don’t like censorship in any form…….it implies a subject that shouldn’t be touched….or swept under the carpet.

    Should we not feel outraged that Google have caved into the Chinese governments demands to make sure there are no references to Tjanamin Square for Chinese surfers? Should we not feel outraged that the church actively covers up and protects pedophile priests?

    There is an issue about having to provide your name / email to comment. I like the Trashmail extension for Firefox as it allows a temporary active email for confirmation emails etc. It also removes the risk that the site your entering your email is being harvested by spambots…..or at least that your email will get scanned.

    You can set your blog to “moderate before it goes live” which allows you to screen your comments for any abusive content. So far I’ve not had to reject any comments……that may come. That also allows you to stop spam comments. I’ve now had 14 in about a week…….so I decided to fight back.

    I have chosen to self censor…in that I stand by my comments, they are measured and as fair as possible. I welcome those who do not share my views as well as those who do. I only reject if I feel I have to.

  2. They’ve even created little badges for the self appointed guardians of blogging decency

    What happened to common sense and freedom?

    I prefer Accordian Guy’s ‘We Don’t Need No Steenking Badges’ alternative

  3. Paul Groves says:

    I’m taking Groucho Marx as my inspiration.

    I’d rather avoid any “club” happy to have me as a member.

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