I’m not outraged, angered or even slightly miffed at the actions of Paul Wolfowitz.

Instead I’m just incredulous at the fundamentally flawed decision-making of the head of World Bank.

It beggars belief that someone deemed worthy enough to take on this prestigious and important job, someone who has already held a senior position within the White House, should expose himself to such justified criticism.

This is a classic example of how someone in power can become the author of their own downfall.

And yet, despite serious misgivings about his political leanings and his close involvement with the US administration, I still harboured greater expectations of Paul Wolfowitz than he has so far delivered.

A hackneyed attempt to eradicate corruption and misspending being his previously sole headline grabbing actions as Head of the World Bank, he has been singularly unimpressive. He hasn’t even managed to live up to his neo-conservative billing and give us some juicy and bonkers soundbites to digest and get hot under the collar about.

The “wolf” has not been in evidence. But, now, thanks to his own ridiculous decision regarding his partner and fellow World Bank employee, he has turned himself into a lamb for the slaughter.

His approach has been amateurish, naive, lacking in any sort of common sense and incredibly self-centered. His departure will not come as a great surprise, although how and why he has managed to cling on for so long is something of a mystery.

Perhaps Paul Wolfowitz should try out as a contestant on the next series of The Apprentice?

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