There is a certain familiar ring to the story of the party gatecrashers who caused £20,000 worth of damage after a teenager’s house party got out of hand.

The 17 year-old girl planned to have 30 or 40 of her closest friends around over Easter while her parents were away.

But after details of the party were posted on MySpace, almost 200 turned up and committed what the girl’s mother described as “house rape”.

One thing that interests me is the fact that so much of the coverage for this story focuses a lot on the internet angle – “web revellers going on the rampage”, for example.

But this is not a unique event caused by the internet. Teenagers have been holding parties that have got out of hand for decades and parents’ houses have suffered at the hands of gatecrashers long before the rise of the internet.

I seem to recall the last story of this type, when damage running into ens of thousands of pounds was caused to a nice suburban house, was the result of text messages being sent from person to person telling them where the party was taking place.

Before that, it was simple word of mouth that saw innocent teenage parties get out of hand.

The internet is not to blame for this party of mass destruction. It is much more simple than that.

Kids, don’t you just love ’em.


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