…too late, it already has.

The UK is apparently languishing in ninth place in the European happiness league table.

The study of life in 15 leading EU nations also saw us in 10th place in a parallel survey of life satisfaction levels.

Should we be surprised? More importantly, is this really a cause for further misery?

I would suggest the answer is “no” on both counts.

Anyone who thinks the UK is a happy-go-lucky, laid-back, comfortable and enjoyable place to live is either Tony Blair or has been holed up in a basement out of sight and out of earshot wearing a perma-smile and rose-tined spectacles for the last 20-odd years…probably.

Equally, if we are getting unduly worried about how miserable we are then we really do have a major problem on our hands with very few options left open to us.

The best advice is to ignore such surveys and get on with making the best of a bad job.

Life sucks, but you only get one crack at it.

(I’m not usually this gloomy, honest).

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