Do you sing or talk to yourself?

Maybe you sit quietly and read, or carry on the working day via your laptop?

Perhaps you seek oral gratification (such as chewing gum), or secretly cast an approving eye over an attractive fellow traveller?

Apparently there are nine steps to surviving commuter hell and all the above are included.

Equally, there are some definite no-no’s for commuting. Almost guaranteed to speed your descent into commuter hell are “venting anger at other commuters, smoking, or drinking alcohol on public transport”.

My survival strategies tend to change depending on my mode of transport – when I’m taking the Cross-City line into Birmingham I attempt to switch off from everything around me (especially the hugely irritating TVs) and read or lose myself in my own thoughts; on a longer train journey to London, I tend to read or daydream (I could easily spend the entire 90-minute trip staring out of the window); if I’m driving alone then I turn the music up and seek comfort in noise.

There is a common theme, however, which tends to be keeping myself to myself and effectively switching off from as much of what is happening around me (apart from when I’m driving, obviously) as humanly possible.

But increasingly I’m leaning heavily towards a whole new strategy for dealing with commuter hell – working from home as often as I can.

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  1. mistrust says:

    I switch off when I’m driving, thinking what I’m going to write in my blog today. Which is worrying when I’m on a busy motorway (M60, Bolton to South Manchester). I have the unenviable task of having to move to a new site in September (I work in a FE college) and may have to use the wonderful metrolink to get into work. With a laptop.

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