The chances of David Cameron and I agreeing are usually quite slim.

But I’m prepared to admit I nodded my approval as he spoke of the need for people in the UK to start taking responsibility once again for what they do and what goes on around them.

The Conservative leader said less state intervention in certain areas of society was now a priority and he questioned the success of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders – he claims that ASBOs enable people to abdicate responsibility for their actions.

Dave also calls for “parents, neighbours, business people and teachers to take responsibility for bringing up children to behave properly and keeping their own communities in order”.

This reluctance to take responsibility manifests itself in so many different aspects of our modern society and the UK desperately needs to break free from this stifling malaise.

So Dave has managed to hit the nail on the head in encouraging the British people to embrace “civility”.

But, as ever with the Tory leader, there is a certain sense of frustration that he’s managed the soundbite without providing the substance.

His “revolution in responsibility” (nice one, Dave) provides the required headlines. But his very brief “framework of incentives that encourages civility and pro-social behaviour” – effectively less state interference, more support for families and trusting people – doesn’t even begin to explain how the Conservatives will achieve Dave’s brave new, responsible world.

There is another burning questions – isn’t Dave’s desire for us to take responsibility rather close to Tony’s constant blathering of a need for more respect.

The “Revolution in Responsibility” sounds a lot like the “Respect Agenda” – both are great in theory, but the practical implications are something our political leaders have not really spent enough time on, to fine tune and perfect and most importantly ensure they are workable.

We’ve had a decade of style over substance, does Dave think we need more of the same?


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