An MP has tabled an early day motion calling for the current voting system used in the Eurovision Song Contest to be scrapped.

Liberal Democrat Richard Younger-Ross maintains that last weekend’s contest perfectly illustrated the way in which the voting system is “harmful to the relationship between the peoples of Europe”.

He has won support from three other MPs and is also calling on the BBC to withdraw from covering future Eurovision events until voting is made fairer.

The MP describes the way the song contest has been decided in recent years a “joke”.

I can’t help thinking the joke is on us. Do we really need our MPs spending time on such trivialities?

Mr Younger-Ross is a hard-working MP, both for his Teignbridge constituency and on international affairs, while his record in the House of Commons is above average. But I cannot help but think he is some way wide of the mark by pursuing this particular early day motion.

Eurovision is a mildly diverting slice of instantly forgettable entertainment at best and not worthy of such attention from our politicians when there are so many other issues that need to be addressed.

Whatever next, a Parliamentary campaign to get Katie Hopkins fired from The Apprentice because she’s been so sniffily snobby towards one of the token Northerners?


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  1. I’m not so sure. I wonder whether we shouldn’t get together the old gang and teach these East European devils a lesson they’ll not soon forget. A pre-emptive strike on Belgrade next year involving seven infantry divisions, five tank divisions, artillery and air support should do the trick. If the former Soviet bloc countries learned France, Germany and Britain were no longer prepared to bugger about when it came to voting for which song’s the best, they’d soon see the error of their ways and vote for us in droves. There’s nothing hammers home a message quite like one attached to the barrel of a gun, what what?

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