In many respects Virgin’s tussle with BSkyB is the under-card to what could prove to be the main event.

While the UK’s two corporate giants continue to exchange blows, two of the world’s biggest and most high-profile companies are squaring up for a truly heavyweight contest.

Google and eBay are increasingly at loggerheads and the animosity is increasing to the point where some analysts are expecting a corporate battle royal.

A series of tit-for-tat blows and announcements seems fairly likely unless the two internet blue chips have their heads knocked together to help them sort out their differences.

Caught in the middle, just like the Virgin vs BSkyB fight, are the public who use Google and eBay’s services.

The two heavyweights slug it out but many of their blows will be misdirected and could well start connecting with those at the periphery and those of us watching the bout.

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