As everyone heads wearily home from Glastonbury telling the world and his wife how brilliant it was and how being sleep deprived and coated in mud for 4 days is just a “state of mind” or “part of the experience”, I can honestly say I don’t feel as if I’ve missed out by watching it on BBC3.

It seemed OK from where I sat, there were a few interesting sets and most people seemed very pleased with themselves.

I don’t feel that the overall quality of my life has diminished by missing too much of the spectacle, whatever the parade of presenters on the BBC’s coverage insisted on claiming at every possible opportunity.

Indeed, their rose-tinted Glasto eulogies contrast somewhat with the one penned by Charlie Brooker in The Guardian and which I wouldd hazard a guess gives a fairly more accurate summary of life on a Somerset farm with 170,000+ other people.


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