Half of people in the UK remain sceptical of whether climate change is having an impact on our planet.

A new survey found 56% of those questioned believe scientists are exaggerating claims and that the supposed threat to the environment is little more than a money-making exercise.

The study, commissioned by the Royal Society, discovered that many people’s attitude to climate change was shaped by the fact that scientists were still undecided on the scale of the environmental problems.

Asked to list their own priorities, those questioned cited terrorism, graffiti, crime and dog mess as more of a concern than climate change.

The results are released as large parts of the country are still being battered by unseasonal weather and many communities are facing up to the impact of week-long floods.

It has led some to suggest that many people are adopting a head in the sand attitude to climate change. While others maintain that if the flooding that has crippled large parts of the north of England had happened further south there would have been a national outcry.

As with so many issues that have a fundamental impact on our lives, the majority of people are simply looking for straight-forward, factual, unbiased guidance on what is actually happening to our environment. But as with so many other issues, they don’t know where to turn.

Still, never mind. At least we get the watch some of the world’s greatest (sic) music acts performing at Wembley Stadium this weekend to help save the planet.


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