There were always likely to be a multitude of issues thrown up by the latest terrorist attacks on the UK.

From the role of the intelligence services and what (if any) warnings were received and issued to the knock-on impact on the country’s travel and transport infrastructure, the failed car bombs have raised far more questions than answers.

The fact that the common link to the London and Glasgow attacks, plus the various arrests, appears to be the involvement of a number of foreign NHS employees has provided yet another issue to be considered.

The way in which skilled migrants, such as doctors, laboratory technicians and other professionals in other sectors, are vetted before being offered work in the UK has inevitabily come under scrutiny.

The Prime Minister has responded by announcing that security checks on skilled migrants will be intensified.

There is bound to be an element of “bolting the stable door” about such an announcement.

Yet the greater concern has to be the potential to demonise a large section of the immigrant popultion who do make a significant contribution to society in the UK. Equally, many skilled and educated migrants struggle to find the type of role that fits their experience and talent because of the barriers that invariably go up in front of them as they search for work.

It is right that security checks have to be as tight as possible. But it is also right that people who can make a positive and beneficial impact to society are given the opportunity to prove their worth.

There is always a fine line to be negotiated whenever the issue of immigration rears its head in the political arena.

Gordon Brown will do us all a disservice if he fails to keep a balanced approach to this issue.


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