There is now a new attraction to the glittering lights, 24-hour party people and general trashiness of Birmingham’s legendary Broad Street – the chance to stand on Ozzy Osbourne.

The rock god is the first to be awarded the honour (sic) of a place on Birmingham’s new Walk of Stars, a Midlands rival to the original Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Ozzy will unveil the star himself ahead of his triumphant home-coming concert at the NIA in Birmingham tonight.

Others lined up for stars in the future include comedians Jasper Carrot, Lenny Henry and Frank Skinner, TV presenter Cat Deeley, pop stars Duran Duran, Jamelia, Robert Plant and UB40, racing driver Nigel Mansell, conductor Sir Simon Rattle and actress Julie Walters.

It is an interesting idea and some see it as a way of attracting a more diverse crowd of visitors to Broad Street. Others regard it as another reason to be embarrassed about Brum and further proof that Broad Street is best avoided.

I tend to agree with a former colleague, Richard McComb over at The Birmingham Post, who suggests the idea is so awful it is worth celebrating.

My spiritual home, Cardiff, is also creating a Walk of Fame that will take in the best of Wales and not just the capital city -although, typically, it appears doubts remain about the project because of a failure to agree on funding.

Back to Brum and the Pavement of Primadonnas…sorry Walk of Stars.

I’m not entirely convinced that a walkway of the great and the good alone will do the job of enticing more people to Birmingham’s sin street.

But I have to admit, there is a certain attraction to walking all over the Prince of Darkness.

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  1. taffy jones says:

    I would like to just say, i live in birmingham but come from cardiff and i was at the ozzy star opening on friday and thought it was fantasic. I love cardiff and hope we can pull something so great off like the WALK OF STARS. I actually spoke to the guy who had the idea for it on friday and when you listen to the journey and help he got from i think it was the broadstreet management, its seems that there really is people trying to improve this wonderfull town. I live in newtown at present, not the best but its getting better from people who want to try and stand up and not abuse and destroy. Ozzy was great and funny, the best possible lovable local boy and i can only say well done to all involved in getting ozzy to be the first.

  2. ChenZhen says:

    I never really got into Ozzy, but “Crazy Train” is a pretty good song.

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