The debate about whether school standards have dropped and pupils’ are suitably equipped and prepared for requirements of the workplace has raged for years.

Both sidess of the argument continually put up a multitude of reasons to back up their case, but very little headway is ever really made.

So perhaps we should be listening to those with a clear and largely independent insight into the debate?

The employers who will be recruiting the next generation of workers have little doubt that standards have dropped in the last decade. Despite official data revealing record-breaking examination and test result, half of the 500 business leaders interviewed during a recent survey by the Institute of Directors maintained that education and skills had not improved in England since 1997.

The IoD contradicts Government claims that record investment in education has led to exam results improving any faster than before.

The Institute’s report is the first of series planned on education, which it says will provide some “necessary context” to the yearly debate on examination results.

Surely if the future employers of today’s GCSE and A-Level candidates are not satisfied with standards then something is wrong?

It once again raises the issue of whether we prepare school pupils for the reality of the modern workplace. For example, while many teachers maintain that using text-speak in examinations is acceptable, I’m sure most employers would prefer a higher standard of written and oral skills.

Teacher does often knows best.

But the boss is almost always right.


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