So are today’s youngsters the junk generation?

They’re apparently addicted to junk food and heading for a lifetime of obesity and health problems. They lap up junk TV and other forms of entertainment of dubious quality to such an extent that ignorance is not just bliss, it is a badge of honour.

Now we’re told that they are suffering from something called junk sleep.

A third of a thousand 12 to 16-year-olds surveyed by The Sleep Council revealed they slept for between four to seven hours a night – experts recommend eight hours. The council claims that the continual use of gadgets in bedrooms, such as computers, mobile phones and TVs, are fuelling poor quality so-called junk sleep.

I’m not sure what I find most perplexing – the survey results, or the fact that there is a Sleep Council.

Professor Jim Horne, director of Loughborough’s Sleep Research Centre, said advising teenagers to get more sleep was “easier said than done” as more often than not “…the advice will just fall on deaf ears.”

Little wonder with all those electronic gadgets blaring away in their bedrooms.

This lack of proper sleep is a serious issue.

It points to another failure of basic parenting skills. Isn’t this the root cause of our emerging junk generation?


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