Who says judges are out of touch?

I can’t help but side with Judge Alan Berg who has lambasted the loathsome Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV as nothing more than a form of “human bear-baiting“.

The judge spoke after imposing a £300 fine on a man who head-butted a lodger who had had an affair with his wife.

The assault took place during a recording a show and the judge, on viewing another instalment of the show, said the producers themselves deserved to be in the dock with the hapless cuckold as they had provoked the attack by sparking the confrontation.

Such confrontations are, of course, the staple of this type of show and other reality TV programmes.

Indeed, Judge Berg’s description of the Jeremy Kyle Show – “…the purpose of this show is to effect a morbid and depressing display of dysfunctional people whose lives are in turmoil…” – is an observation you could make for any number of prime-time programmes.

Now that the X-Factor, another ITV flagship, has completed the audition stage, no doubt a significant number of viewers will tune out. The only interest for them over the opening weeks of this latest series is, as ever, watching a parade of the deluded getting humiliated on national television.

Call that entertainment?

Unfortunately, many people do.

But I think Judge Berg might generate a fair amount of popular support for his comments too.

The time to banish reality TV from our screens is long overdue.

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  1. Paul,
    Have to agree with you here. But then most of my time is spent outside?!! We did build a garden with an outdoor television in it…. that kind of defeats the purpose… ?!!

    slán go foill

  2. […] in X-Factor-style talent shows, increasingly convoluted game shows, soap operas, or the depressing bear baiting provided by the likes of Jeremy Kyle, there are still extremely slim pickings on […]

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