I’ve been quiet for a month, blogging-wise at least.

It isn’t because I’ve failed to be stirred by various events or stories or experiences, as my wife will testify I’m never really short of an opinion or two.

It isn’t because I’ve run out of things to say.

I’ve been quiet because I’ve spent the last month reading…a lot.

I’ve been reading other people’s thoughts, opinions, attitudes and it has been enlightening, enraging and entertaining.

It isn’t as if I haven’t been writing. I’ve been doing a lot over the last month for various clients, as well as a few little features.

My month of blogging silence is not, however, about to be broken by a flurry of activity.

I’m hopefully about to whisk the wife away to a nice cottage in Norfolk – flooding threats permitting. As I was one of the thousands stuck miles from home by the flooding that affected parts of the Midlands a few months ago – forced to abandon my drive from South Wales I found refuge in what was possibly the last available hotel room in Ross-on-Wye – I’ll be keeping a careful watch on weather forecasts and driving conditions over the next 48 hours.

In the meantime, sites that caught my eye for a whole multitude of reasons include Joanna Geary’s blog, the esteemed gentlemen of MySpace Dinsmore & Mostyn, the creative but worrying model-making adventures of Derek Belm, the thoughts of the owner of the Blue Coffee Mug, the pondering of Puglet and the complexities of one chap’s life and opinions.

There’s plenty more – and I’ve also been suckered in by Facebook, like so many others

So much writing.

So much inspiration for so many different reasons.

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  1. joannageary says:

    Hi Paul!

    Thanks for the mention. I know what you mean about Facebook – it’s stupidly addictive.

    Saying that, though, I have generated a number of stories from it, believe it or not! Well that’s my excuse to keep logging in anyway!

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Thanks Jo.
    I do actually miss being in a newsroom, which is why I’ve been enjoying your blog over the last few weeks. I’m finding Facebook useful for work too…as well as Scrabulous, obviously.

  3. joannageary says:

    Scrabulous is a most necessary tool for our industry!

    It’s funny, I didn’t think my blog was going to be so journalism focused.

    I had wanted it to be a bit more of a repository for other thoughts I had during the day… it just turned out that I don’t have too many other thoughts!!

  4. Rachel M says:

    Thank you for mentioning my blog together with other great ones. 🙂

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