The continued failure of newspapers to truly get to grips with the demands and opportunities presented by new technology has been highlighted in a new report from the National Union of Journalists.

The Shaping the Future study by the NUJ makes for sober reading, for both journalists and senior management.

It adds weight to the argument that most in the industry still don’t fully understand what the future holds for them, or that they can have a positive influence on what happens to newspapers in the long run.

Newspapers do have a future. But there needs to be a far greater level of understanding of how far they have slipped behind, what they need to do to catch up and then what steps are required to take newspapers forward.

One of my former editors used to say the three keys to producing a good newspaper were “credibility, credibility, credibility”.

When it comes to utilising technology, newspapers are still badly lacking credibility. But there is a world of opportunity available if they want it.


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