Tony Blair spent so long trying his hardest to please the most powerful political leader in the free world.

Now our illustrious former Prime Minister has a fitting finale to his special one-sided relationship with US President George W Bush.

There are so many elements of this production to admire.

The natural performances of the President himself, Mr Blair, the Bush daughters and of course the pooches themselves. Then there’s the First Lady cradling her two pups in front of the White House Christmas tree.

But what is most heartening is that we now have the proof that our former PM didn’t entirely waste his time during his many visits to see President Bush.


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  1. Nick Scott Donald says:

    It makes a realistic, refreshingly gritty change from all that soppy “West Wing” made-up TV stuff, I must say.

    But EU President-elect Tony Blair is not the finest example of Edinburgh’s influence on the western world.

    Sean Connery, perhaps…

  2. Paul Groves says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t say: “Edinboro, Scotland, in England.”
    It is aimed at an American audience after all.

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