It is official – some of our leading celebrities don’t know what they are talking about.

But it doesn’t stop them from spouting off on any number of subjects thanks to the ever-present platform the unchallenging media provides them with.

There are no great surprises in either of these statements.

The biggest surprise has to be that we still listen to them.

Scientific claims of celebrities who appear in the media with advice on living healthy lifestyles and avoiding toxins have been put under the microscope and the results are not very positive.

The report from the charity Sense About Science concerns the bogus claims, laughable suggestions and downright blatant fibs uttered by high-profile people – all in the name of providing us with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, let it not be forgotten.

Journalists are the world’s worst at being experts on subjects for just about the length of time it takes us to write a news story or feature. As soon as the story reaches the subs, all that we have learned is forgotten to be replaced by another burning issue of the day.

It isn’t quite that bad, but at least we (OK, most of us) attempt to speak to the real experts and get them to tell the story.

The trend highlighted by Sense About Science is for just about anyone on the A-Z list of who’s who to use the bright glare of the media spotlight almost continually trained on them and the cult of celebrity we’re gripped by in order to say just about anything they want. And we listen.

So why shouldn’t the nice woman from that property development TV show, the one that is always right but no-one ever listens to, turn her attention to another subject entirely?

She’s never wrong about how to maximise profit on property, so she must be right about this other stuff too.

Isn’t she?

The report throws up a few entertaining examples and will no doubt make some celebs feel a bit uncomfortable.

But the real problem lies with us lesser mortals.

We’re the ones who lap it all up, unthinking and unquestioning just so long as we get to see our favourite actress/musician/fashion designer/presenter once again and listen to their wise words.

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