Careful what you post on Facebook or whichever social websites you might be registered on.

You never know who is reading and more importantly why they are checking out your profile.

Everyone from cyber fraudsters to potential employers could be reading to see what they can learn – from personal information such as date of birth and contact details, to how you actually like to spend your spare time rather than the spin you put on your CV.

The somewhat flippant confession of an admissions tutor at Cambridge University that he checked out the Facebook profiles of would-be students shouldn’t really come as a shock. The bigger surprise is that he admitted to doing it.

Despite the explosion of such sites and the growth of internet use, stories like this show how we’re all on a very steep learning curve and by and large increasing our understanding by the mistakes we make.

It works both ways. Companies and organisations are finding out the hard way that if they step out of line or do something to upset employees or customers then the whole world might soon get to know about it.

Quite what damage is done by such sites, even if they are quickly removed, is not always immediately apparent.

There is a level of naivety that beggars belief – on all sides.

Putting a block on such sites is not a realistic option.

Using them cleverly, wisely and productively is the way forward.


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