The privacy watchdog is asking Facebook to explain its data protection policies.

The Information Commission has taken up the investigation after a complaint by a user of the social network who was unable to fully delete their profile even after terminating their account.

It comes amid mounting concern about the way in which such sites store and use the personal information of its members.

Facebook has been singled out in some quarters, with some critics training the spotlight on the people behind one of the fastest growing internet businesses in the world.

The ICO’s decision to ask Facebook some pertinent questions is, therefore, quite timely.

But it also raises the possibility that others might well be in their firing line for the way they manipulate the information generated from users.

Is Google up next, or Yahoo, maybe it will be another social networking site or one of the big on-line retailers?

They all ask for, keep and continually monitor and use the information we willingly provide them with as we surf our way around the internet and none of them are very fond of the delete button when it comes to the profiles of users.

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  1. Rachel M says:

    I had cancelled MySpace account. Recently, I found out it wasn’t deleted completely as I received a friend request.

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