It is heartening to see the Welsh craft industry is attempting to launch a long overdue fightback against authentic, traditional, handmade gifts that are actually manufactured in Asia.

It is claimed that the industry is losing out on millions of pounds each year as tourists and locals snap up Welsh souvenirs and trinkets which they mistakenly believe are made in Wales.

The Welsh Craft Council says the country’s gift shops have been flooded in recent years by cheap imports – everything from traditional lovespoons made in Borneo, to Welsh dolls manufactured in Thailand.

The WCC wants the fightback to start with the Wales Spring Fair, which runs in Llandudno until January 23. But it points out that the event is likely to attract more visitors from the rest of the UK than buyers based in North Wales.

It wants retailers in Wales to stop importing cheap products and return to using genuinely handmade gifts from local craftspeople and suppliers.

The WCC is urging retailers and shoppers to look for the council’s own daffodil logo on authentic Welsh-made products and is hoping to get the concept of “craft miles” into people’s heads in the same way as some consumers are now considering “food miles” when doing their grocery shopping.

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  1. Margaret Thisted says:

    I am looking for a small Welsh doll to add to my granddaughter’s collection. Can you direct me to a good source? Thanks!

  2. Paul Groves says:

    Margaret: Try the Welsh Craft Council link. It might be a good first step.

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