The decision of eBay to ban sellers from leaving negative feedback about buyers has opened up a can of worms*.

The move is designed to speed up the trading process and bring an end to spurious tit-for-tat comments that occasionally cop up between disgruntled individuals on the site.

But it has prompted some to argue that taking away a seller’s right to complain about a problem buyer leaves them little, if any, recourse for action when a sale goes wrong. The criticism has intensified because buyers will still be able to leave dissenting comments about sellers.

It has led to claims that eBay has effectively skewed the whole trading process and he original system, although not flawless, at least provided balance.

eBay maintains that rogue buyers can still be dealt with quickly and effectively.

* You can actually buy a can of worms on eBay.


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  1. Dave Davies says:

    This will be the end of ebay, unless they change it back. Ebay will become a rogue buyers paradise. Sellers in competition will leave each other negs by means of rogue new accounts and get each other banned…. its the end… and alot of people will love to see the back of ebay and embrace a new auction site

  2. Miltski says:

    And as if the feed back news was not bad enough.
    Now we’ve got the news that eBay are banning the selling of all digital items. Looks like our digital items will now have to become physical products.(more perceived valve) No problem…..check out my blog….

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