The Birmingham Post has relaunched its website on the day it also marks its 150th birthday with a grand gala reception.

Using what has become a familiar template for the TrinityMirror regional newspapers, the Post has managed to stamp its own identity on the site.

There is plenty to see on the front page, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as cluttered or in your face as some of the TM titles that use the template. It is clean, clear, there are plenty of quick and easy links and, it goes without saying, is a massive improvement on the previous icbirmingham incarnation.

Modern newspapers need a top quality website to complement and often enhance what appears in the paper itself and the Post largely pulls this off.

There are a few bugbears, but you cannot please all the journalists all of the time.

I’m hoping, for example, that there will be scope to include more of the excellent features and interviews the Post runs – especially on a Saturday – but, then, I would say that as I’m a feature writer.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting much more of my news and blogging inspiration from in the future.

I never knew there was so much in it…


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