How the mighty have fallen.

Cadbury has announced that trans-Atlantic warbler Joss Stone will be the new Flake Girl.

It is something of a comedown – for Cadbury, obviously, not the irritating Ms Stone.

There was a time when the Flake Girl gig was quite a big deal. At the risk of being a horribly sexist dinosaur (but why change the habit of a lifetime?), the Flake Girl was an object of desire, tempting you to unwrap and devour.

Now, with Ms Stone doing the adverts, I’ll be more inclined to switch over in despair at the choice of such a flaky, self-absorbed singer (sic) than dream about enjoying the flakiness of the chocolate.

To make matters worse she will sing (sic) the famous Flake jingle.

It could well be the longest advert ever aired if Ms Stone goes for the full-on warble…”flakiest cho-hoh-hoh-ho-co-la-la-la-yeah-yeah-ooooh-that flaky cho-hoh-hoh-hoh-col-aaaaaaaaaaaaate yeah, yeah yeah, oooooohhhhh yeeeaaaahhhhhh…” etc etc etc etc….


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  1. Nick Scott Donald says:

    Hmmm…. Image over Substance is one thing… but Celebrity over Image?

  2. Mikki says:

    Why don’t they go for a realistic advert where Joss Stone spends three quarters of an hour picking crumbs of sodding flake from down the side of the sofa cushions and picking the cat hairs off them before eating them? And then having to wash the sofa cushions anyway.

    Flakes are rubbish. I don’t care WHO advertises them. Cadbury should spend the money developing Flakes that you can actually eat instead of just sweep up.

    Not that I am bitter you understand

  3. Paul Groves says:

    Not a fan of Flakes then Mikki 😉
    I’m guessing a Flake Easter Egg wouldn’t be too popular?

    I do agree, they aren’t the most loveable bars of chocolate ever invented. I like them stuck in the top of ice creams, but I’d rather choose 1,001 others bars before a Flake.

    However, I don’t despise them as much as I loathe Ms Stone’s warbling.

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