What a difference a week and a few days makes.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was describing my immense feelings of frustration caused by my wife’s illness and the impact it has on her, me and us.

I hoped I’d be able to take Rachel out and enjoy some winter sunshine and just over a week on we’ve done exactly that.

The canals of Staffordshire proved an excellent backdrop for a stroll and the cafe at Fradley Junction provided a suitably hearty lunch – as the picture below will testify.

More pictures of our half-day out can be found on Rachel’s creative Flickr pages – which are well worth a look, not least because there are very few pictures of me and lots and lots of genuinely stunning images.

What a fantastic way to start the weekend.

I headed towards Saturday a big bundle of relaxation.

It didn’t last too long, but that was because Wales made such heavy weather of deservedly beating Ireland at Croke Park to win the Triple Crown (that’s a rugby match for the uninitiated and uninterested).

Normal relaxed mood resumed at the final whistle.



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